Thursday, July 3, 2014

First Book of Poems to Be Published with Palimpsesto Editorial

Very proud to announce Editorial Palimpsesto 2.0 will publish my book of poems, We Hailed at the Twilight in 2015!! It will be an English-Spanish bilingual edition, translated into Spanish by Fernando Toda Iglesias.

We Hailed at the Twilight will be available in print and digital version and the digital edition available through online booksellers! 

Check the link to their website announcement:

There you can read there a recent poem published in their Cuaderno 13, "Ode to Capitalism" 
Here's a short sample of We Hailed at the Twilight:

I’m watching day break over the highway
Thinking last night’s dream on a trip to Wildwood

Why is the moon following us?
Will it be there at the shore?

With its glow reflecting in her eye
Yes, baba, it will be there, always it will be there

The stereo says it’s a marvelous night
And I think there’s something in it

I fall asleep to the current, wake
To blueblack sky easing its grip

I watch the road come on, go
Rushing by, streaming back to the infinite past

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